About Me: "Wakiya" (Thunder)
I am a Tribal, Musician, Writer, Artist. I try to walk the path and have studied the tradition of the "Wisdom keepers" like Lame Deer, Fools Crow, Black Elk, and Rolling Thunder from the tribes of this region, and Lao Tzu, Buddha, Bodhidharma, Yeshua, and other enlightened ones from the many various tribes of the earth. I understand the worlds religions and belief systems, and realize the division this can cause by the lack of understanding the "real message" from the Masters. My intention, and life's prayer is to try to live in harmony with Grandmother Earth, Grandfather sky, (Nature) and "the spirit that moves in all things," and help in any way I can to build a bridge between all men and tribes so they can walk their path in a manner that will benefit themselves, the Earth and others. I open up, and ask Great Spirit, The creator, The Tao, The Universe, to work and direct healing and positive energy through me by different means, like the Flute, drums, Words, Prayer, and Touch. I try to be loving and accept others from the heart, and practice forgiveness. I honor all people, the winged one's, and four legged ones considering us all equal, not one being above another. I honor the bountiful Harvest from Mother earth in the form of plant life, water, air and herbs which sustain our oneness with her. I pray all tribes should re-unite as one, so we may protect the planet and live in harmony. Within you, without you.

Mitakuye Oyasin
( all my relations)


The fall of "Rome / America" and the suffering of the masses.

Guan Yu Vanquisher of evil.

I can't let this current financial situation go by without commenting more on it. It seems history has lessons for us if we look for them. Any empire is vulnerable, when the focus of it's agenda is on the material instead of the spiritual. America has been walking a thin line for a long time. Greed and power is the name of the game. It's a form of gluttony.

It's been that way since day one, when the Peaceful Native American inhabitants of this beautiful land, were eliminated to a large degree by a form of genocide. If you believe in karma, then its being delivered in large portions.

The American public are not graduates from an elite school of finances and are in the dark about the intricacies of how the system works or doesn't work. They are depending on the chiefs of the tribe called the government to watch over and protect them. Now in contrast, you have the Indian chiefs of the Native American tribes, who were allowed to be in there position because they proved themselves to be honorable men through years of observation by the rest of the tribe. Where are the honorable men in our society? How do we know who is honorable and who isn't?

A couple of quotes from different traditions are in order. "When the evil are in power the people suffer" (I-ching) "By their fruits you shall know them" (Bible) "Certainly they are a heartless nation, they have made some of their people servants" "The greatest objects of their lives seems to be to acquire possessions-to be rich." "They desire to possess the whole world." (white footprint- Sioux).

The majority of American people try to do the right thing, but it seems they face oppression, panic and fear at every turn of the road, and are in fact slaves. They Work hard to just survive, while the leaders of the land they live in gorge themselves on the fruits of the peoples labor. This problem is deep and systemic. The American people have a gut feeling that something isn't right. And the feeling is something they should follow, it's called intuition. There are no quick fixes to something of this nature.

It is better to take no action then the wrong action, or an action that is meaningless. I won't take sides regarding the political situation, but know this. These people (Government leaders) are not stupid, they are deep into military strategy, and know how to manipulate and distract the Masses of people. We don't really know the inner workings of their minds other then what we can see by the results that are evident.

I would be presumptuous to claim to have the answers. But here is a thought that I have repeated often. Since we seem to be in a position where we have no real control other then to speak out. Try to remain calm, centered and detached. Because if there is anything that these people want, its for you to panic so that you can be manipulated through your fear. Keep a clear head, and connect with people of like mind who know that this isn't right. We the people are collectively stronger then those who lead. Its time to band together on many levels including the spiritual. Meanwhile the commercials wail on about all the material things we just must have now! Welcome to the reservation.

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