About Me: "Wakiya" (Thunder)
I am a Tribal, Musician, Writer, Artist. I try to walk the path and have studied the tradition of the "Wisdom keepers" like Lame Deer, Fools Crow, Black Elk, and Rolling Thunder from the tribes of this region, and Lao Tzu, Buddha, Bodhidharma, Yeshua, and other enlightened ones from the many various tribes of the earth. I understand the worlds religions and belief systems, and realize the division this can cause by the lack of understanding the "real message" from the Masters. My intention, and life's prayer is to try to live in harmony with Grandmother Earth, Grandfather sky, (Nature) and "the spirit that moves in all things," and help in any way I can to build a bridge between all men and tribes so they can walk their path in a manner that will benefit themselves, the Earth and others. I open up, and ask Great Spirit, The creator, The Tao, The Universe, to work and direct healing and positive energy through me by different means, like the Flute, drums, Words, Prayer, and Touch. I try to be loving and accept others from the heart, and practice forgiveness. I honor all people, the winged one's, and four legged ones considering us all equal, not one being above another. I honor the bountiful Harvest from Mother earth in the form of plant life, water, air and herbs which sustain our oneness with her. I pray all tribes should re-unite as one, so we may protect the planet and live in harmony. Within you, without you.

Mitakuye Oyasin
( all my relations)


About This Blog / My Magazine / Book / & Future plans

To all my Readers:

I wish to thank all those world wide who have been reading this Blog & will continue to read it. It will remain "Open" but Static. I.E. I won't be posting here for the foreseeable future. The reasons are stated below. It has been a labor of love. I'm glad I was and am able to contribute to the well being of so many in my own way.

* I will be concentrating on other projects, such as my other blog "Apache Tracker & my personal website "Spirit of crazy Horse." (see Pictures & links Below)

* I will concentrate on distributing my Book "Listen to the Wind speak from the Heart."

* There already are scores of writings, wise sayings from masters, and beautiful images & Videos throughout this site. Go to the "Archives" and or "search this site" features, to the right on the sidebar. Enough for six books!

* My time and efforts are too diversified and I wish to focus on one thing that will encompass all I do, as an artist, author, and healer. This will also give me more time for my self and the enjoyment of my own life.

This Personal website Features a lot of (most of) my creative endeavors in the way of Music Videos, Images, etc. all in one place. In addition it is a resource to purchase, My CD's and my New Book and any upcoming material. There will be links to this blog, "Apache Tracker" and many other resources as well. I will be adding things bi-monthly

This is my other "Sister" Blog and is geared toward historical and survival topics in the Native American Tradition. Other topics may be covered from time to time.
This Blog will be open and articles will be posted periodically, not regularly.


My wish is that you purchase it. I don't think you will be sorry. It is meant to be used as an oracle of sorts by opening up to any page at any time. Lots of good information in a small easily carried book of 100 pages with a laminated cover.
In fact My music CD'S would be a good compliment to my book.

Blessings to you all
Mitakuye Oyasin
Roger "Thunderhands" Gilbert

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