About Me: "Wakiya" (Thunder)
I am a Tribal, Musician, Writer, Artist. I try to walk the path and have studied the tradition of the "Wisdom keepers" like Lame Deer, Fools Crow, Black Elk, and Rolling Thunder from the tribes of this region, and Lao Tzu, Buddha, Bodhidharma, Yeshua, and other enlightened ones from the many various tribes of the earth. I understand the worlds religions and belief systems, and realize the division this can cause by the lack of understanding the "real message" from the Masters. My intention, and life's prayer is to try to live in harmony with Grandmother Earth, Grandfather sky, (Nature) and "the spirit that moves in all things," and help in any way I can to build a bridge between all men and tribes so they can walk their path in a manner that will benefit themselves, the Earth and others. I open up, and ask Great Spirit, The creator, The Tao, The Universe, to work and direct healing and positive energy through me by different means, like the Flute, drums, Words, Prayer, and Touch. I try to be loving and accept others from the heart, and practice forgiveness. I honor all people, the winged one's, and four legged ones considering us all equal, not one being above another. I honor the bountiful Harvest from Mother earth in the form of plant life, water, air and herbs which sustain our oneness with her. I pray all tribes should re-unite as one, so we may protect the planet and live in harmony. Within you, without you.

Mitakuye Oyasin
( all my relations)


"The Beat Goes On"

"The Beat Goes On" The new world order through actions by our government and others ( Israel) takes another step forward as it sinks it's claws (covertly) into another middle eastern ruler and country Syria. This was done just as in Libya, with covertly planned carnage! Assad will be replaced by a puppet who will comply with the Illuminati or ruling elite and the beat goes on. So far they have conquered Saddam, Qaddafi, and Mubarak all who they were once in bed with at one time or another! They claimed they killed Bin Laden (who was already dead) by a Seal Team that was disbanded years ago after an operation called "Red Cell" went south. They also never produced Bin Laden's body (how convenient)! They won't be happy until we are a one world government, army (NATO) and currency. America will eventually cease being a supper power after much upheaval, carnage and suffering, which is already planned. Why? Because you can't have super powers in a one world government. Our dollar will be devaluated and the plan will be put in place,,a world dictarorship ,,,if we let it!! Iran is next on the agenda and is already being targeted as the next domino to fall. Our troops continue to be sacrificed as pawns in their game of blood lust as american families suffer because of trillions going to the war machine. Meanwhile the police state continues to prepare for action here because we all hopefully are beginning to see through this shit and they can't have that! Its pretty simple if you look at it and doesn't take a genius to figure this stuff out! Just another day in paradise! -Thunder

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