About Me: "Wakiya" (Thunder)
I am a Tribal, Musician, Writer, Artist. I try to walk the path and have studied the tradition of the "Wisdom keepers" like Lame Deer, Fools Crow, Black Elk, and Rolling Thunder from the tribes of this region, and Lao Tzu, Buddha, Bodhidharma, Yeshua, and other enlightened ones from the many various tribes of the earth. I understand the worlds religions and belief systems, and realize the division this can cause by the lack of understanding the "real message" from the Masters. My intention, and life's prayer is to try to live in harmony with Grandmother Earth, Grandfather sky, (Nature) and "the spirit that moves in all things," and help in any way I can to build a bridge between all men and tribes so they can walk their path in a manner that will benefit themselves, the Earth and others. I open up, and ask Great Spirit, The creator, The Tao, The Universe, to work and direct healing and positive energy through me by different means, like the Flute, drums, Words, Prayer, and Touch. I try to be loving and accept others from the heart, and practice forgiveness. I honor all people, the winged one's, and four legged ones considering us all equal, not one being above another. I honor the bountiful Harvest from Mother earth in the form of plant life, water, air and herbs which sustain our oneness with her. I pray all tribes should re-unite as one, so we may protect the planet and live in harmony. Within you, without you.

Mitakuye Oyasin
( all my relations)




Preface: We of the highest order of light, stars, and universe, know who you are and what your agenda is. We know that the agenda is a perpetuation of world chaos, confusion, and lies through which you may control the entities on the planet Earth and the planet itself. We know your foremost means of doing this, is the propagation of war in all forms, including physical, mental and spiritual, which causes division. Your second means of division is the unholy use of religion, secret societies and associated factions. We know that this place you call earth and heavens and all those beneath could be in balance to a perfect degree if you so desired. The time for you has run out, because we shall now show the people of the earth your lies and agenda and how this could easily be corrected if you were so willing.


WAR: YOU MUST Gather your secret faction together and end all wars immediately, as we know you plan all wars and implement them through the nations, nationalistic fervor, and religion. To accomplish this you must destroy all of your weapons of war and disband all your armies world wide. You must let it be known to the people on the earth that you were responsible for such acts and were manipulating things on all levels. You must completely dismantle all of what you call monetary funding through the organizations which support the propagation of war. You must admit that you use one nation's religions and belief systems against another to propagate hostilities and war. You must take all of the monetary expenditures heretofore spent on the war illusion and redistribute the wealth to all peoples of the world in mass. As you well know, this  monetary amount is almost infinite and beyond the comprehension of the inhabitants of the earth.

MATERIAL BALANCE: YOU MUST take all of the monetary resources previously mentioned for war and those monetary resources which you have horded, and redistribute them equally to every man, woman, and child on the planet. You must forgive all debt that you have incurred upon the people through your system of manipulation, slavery and unjust laws. You must open all private reserves, government reserves, and land in general for the use of the people for self sufficiency, and so they may help restore the natural balance.

TECHNOLOGY: YOU  MUST use all technology formally directed toward nefarious purposes and war and use it for peaceful purposes and for the eradication of all disease on the planet earth. This would include the cleaning up and re-balancing of the planet earth upon which all people or entities live. You must reveal to the people of the earth all of the secrets of your technology hidden from them heretofore, including all cures for illnesses, all clean energy technology, all space time technology, and the reverse engineering technology from other beings and entities not of your star system.

SPIRITUAL RE-EDUCATION: YOU MUST use all wise teachings, from all holy men, and from the gifted ones who walk among you, along with your technology, to raise the vibrational levels of all those on your planet to a higher consciousness and awareness. You must always be bound by truth and not lies from this moment on and your agenda will be to bring all into balance. You must eradicate all lower dogmatic religious belief systems that you have created to cause division and war, and bring all to a realization and manifestation of  joy, peace, and love by using the aforementioned raising of  their conscious awareness. Mankind will thus realize how he has been misguided and kept from a having a direct experience of oneness with the infinite universal loving energy field they now call God.

FINAL ULTIMATUM! YOU MUST start this process immediately or it will be required of us to intervene through a dimensional shift, and to hold to account in some manner and fashion, all of the injustice, propagated on your fellow entities and surrounding environment known as Earth. Because we are of the highest order of light directed by what you call God, but what we call the  infinite universal energy field we are giving you a chance to correct this now. If this is not done in a timely fashion there will be no punishment or what you call hell. But there will be a complete dissolving of your energy field, self  identity and  associated matter. Your essence however will experience the pain, injustice, and feelings of those whom you have caused to experience such things, before your energy field is finally dispersed!

TO ALL EARTH INHABITANTS: Now you know how you have been deceived and how easy it would be for this to all be corrected. You have been given the knowledge through this Ultimatum. Please distribute this Ultimatum worldwide so all will know of the intervention called Emergence and what is going to happen should those at the top of the so-called pyramid do not heed our warning and ultimatum. We have knowledge that they will most likely ignore our ultimatum, bringing about emergence and a dimensional shift. Have no fear during the process for we know who is responsible and who is not. You may call us those of the stars!

- Posted by Thunder

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